We are beyond satisfied with our valuation that we got when I bought into my current company. It had gone under the radar for the CEO, that the accountant had made a mistake, that Christoffer was able to find when going through the balance sheet. Our accountant was honest enough to admit the mistake, and then fix it. This mistake could have had severe consequences if it had been filed. If we hadnt done the business valuation, we wouldnt have caught it.

- Brian F

We had just bought a business, a little over a year ago, when the landlord broke the news that they a cash flow problem and intended to sell the property. Due to the nature of our business, it couldnt be moved to another location. A majority of the assets on the balance sheet was construction that we had done to property that we leased. The profitability differentiated heavily between the last couple of years, and our landlord had ordered an online valuation that claimed our business was worth next to nothing. They thought it didnt matter that there were only two months left of our current fiscal year, when we were on our way to report much stronger profit in the upcoming P&L. Luckily, the business valuator dug deep into every detail, and came to the conclusion that the years with higher profit was representative for the business. As for the year with lower profit, it was concluded not to be representative, due to the one time circumstances that lead to high costs during that year. We felt so relieved when we became understood, as our landlord wouldnt listen to us. The story ended with us keeping our business, and we are thriving today.

- Olivia C

I let my best friend buy into the business that I had taken over from my father back in the late 90s. Things were going well initially, but we later found out that my best friend and I had different ideas of the effort that we wanted put into the business. It was a difficult discussion to have with him, and negotiating who was to remain in the business vs who was to get bought out, was painful. Once figured out, the next step was the valuation, where I perceived a resistance from him to be reasonable. Therefore I had to bring in a trustwrothy business valuator that wasnt easily disputed. I went for Nielsen Valuation Group, and they concluded my business partners idea of valuation, was nothing less than predatory. At the time, I was emotionally exhausted and was almost about to accept his deal to have it other with, but Im very happy I didnt as it would have affected my personal finances for years to come.

- Gary M

FAQ about testimonials:

Why don't we disclose the company name?

In some cases we are legally obligated not to disclose the company names. Sometimes there are NDAs and sometimes our clients dont want us to reveal their information. In fact, the situations that are the most sensitive and stressful to our clients, are also the same situations where our clients have felt the strongest satisfaction after hiring us. However, we can disclose what is already public records. This is typically when the parties involved fail to reach a settlement. Reach out to us, and we will send you more info and documents.

The testimonials on this website are all positive. Don't you have any dissatisfied clients as well?

Yes we do, or at least we did. We were approached quite often by people that were having a divorce and tried to order a low number from us. We were also approached by people that were trying to sell their companies, that were trying to order a high number from us. Before introducing the the anti corruption policy, we had a few dissatisfied clients. Since introducing it, not only have we had 100% satisfied clients (potentially because this repels corrupt behavior) but we have also seen other benefits. The people who are not our clients, but our client´s counterparts have shown an increased level of trust for the valuation, since they know that their counterpart had no leverage on it.

Valuation consulting is included in the price

Valuation consulting is exactly what it sounds like. It is consulting related to the business valuation.

We help you navigate through rough waters, such as:

  • How to deal with and protect against risk when transacting, incl but not limited to using escrows
  • Disagreements on valuation in buyouts
  • Business partnership disputes
  • Lack of financing when buying out your partner
  • How to defend against a valuation that isn't "waterproof"

Service level 1: Qualitative valuation

Unlimited valuation consulting, without a time limit. There is no limit on hours worked, but it has to be related to valuation consulting, as we are not general business consultants.

Service level 2: Legitimate valuation

Valuation consulting is included in the price and there is no hourly cap on how much you can use the valuation consulting. However, it is limited to the questions and concerns you have, that were raised at the time of the visit, meaning that questions and concerns that were raised after we have left your business, will not be engaged.

Service Level 1: Qualitative Valuation incl unlimited valuation consulting

This service level has got all the bells and whistles that you would need in order to find out how to raise the valuation of your business. It is usually an appreciated choice when a business partner is to buy into the business or when a whole company is to be purchased. Complete valuation consulting regarding the (potential) transaction and other circumstances is given before, during and after the visit (excl tax and legal advice). Personal on-site inspection and interview are included, at your business location. Be aware of ambiguous statements of whether this is included..

The qualitative valuation includes:

  • Unlimited consulting regarding the transaction and its "traps"
  • Research to find out key indicators that lower the value of the company (present tense)
  • Research to find out key indicators that raise the value of the company (present tense)
  • Research to find out actionable measures that can be executed to raise the value of the company (future tense). This does not increase the current value of the company, nor does it speculate in a future valuation
  • Unlimited post valuation consulting that is related to the valuation, without a time limit

Service Level 2: Legitimate Valuation incl limited valuation consulting

Our service level; “legitimate valuation” is a popular choice. Personal on-site inspection and interview are included, at your business location. Be aware of ambiguous statements of whether this is included.

Business valuation is the process of determining the most likely value of the business, in a transaction, where both parties are equally motivated to transact. A qualified valuation of a business should be according to the concept of intrinsic value and include an unbiased normalization of the financial statements. The final calculation of a business appraisal is fairly simple and quick, which is typically what you only get, when ordering an online valuation, without an on-site visit. The process of normalizing the financial statements along with weighing in the different valuation methods against each other, is what requires the most amount of time and competence, by the business valuator. The normalization of the financial statements is typically what affects the valuation the most. A company valuation should only be considered as reliable when it is properly independent and unbiased.

The most common methods for valuing a company are; the market approach, the income approach and the asset approach. They all have their strengths and weaknesses, and their own subcategories. No valuation method is complete enough, to solely be used to value a company.

The market approach doesn’t properly weigh in the profitability or assets of the company, which arguably are the most central aspects when valuing a business. Therefore, most valuations according to the market approach, are not of intrinsic value.

The income approach doesn’t take the assets that the company owns, into account. Therefore, companies with lots of assets get deceptive valuations.

The asset approach doesn’t take the profitability into account. Therefore, profitable businesses get deceptive valuations.

Want to go with a cheaper option or even do the valuation yourself?
Nothing is stopping you, but...

You may lose the lawsuit, due to the valuation failing to be waterproof.

You may never settle the conflict, hurting the relationship with your counterpart.

You may get deceived while entering or exiting your partnership.

Tell us about your needs of business valuation

We don’t work with start-ups or fundraising. Our price range is roughly half of what the big four charges.