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Looking to sell or buy a business? Nielsen Valuation Group is your unbiased advisor – a better alternative to using a business broker in Dallas Fort Worth.

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Why choose us as your business broker in Dallas Fort Worth?

  • Trusted advice that will help you sell or buy at the right price
  • 100% unbiased advisory services – saves you money and time
  • Fixed fees – no commission or engagement fee
  • Personal service – local presence in Texas
  • Always fully confidential
  • Certified – a licensed business valuator at your service

Searching for a business broker in Dallas Fort Worth?

Let us help you sell your business or buy one in Dallas Fort Worth. Get in touch for an initial 30-minute meeting to discuss your priorities.

This is how our business brokerage works

1. First meeting

We begin with a first meeting to hear about your goals and expectations. We will suggest a suitable process and help you set the priorities. We can meet in person in Dallas Fort Worth or through a video call.

2. Business valuation

Successful business brokerage always starts with an unbiased business valuation. Get a realistic appraisal of the company you want to buy or sell. This will reduce the risk of missing opportunities or setting/paying the wrong price.

3. Exit planning (when selling a business)

When selling a business our exit planning will help you improve your chances of getting your company sold – at the right price. Even relatively small improvements in profits and margins can have a substantial effect on the valuation.

4. Transaction advisory

Nielsen Valuation Group assists both sellers and buyers of companies in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas throughout the business transaction. Agreeing on a realistic price and helping with financing terms is often the key to a successful transaction. We also offer due diligence services when needed.

Hire an advisor or a business broker in Dallas Fort Worth?

Nielsen Valuation Group works differently – and we assert – more successfully than the ordinary business broker in Dallas Fort Worth. Here is why.

If you want to sell a business

There are some very important differences between hiring a business sales broker and a transaction advisory consultant such as Nielsen Valuation Group.

A business broker will typically charge an engagement fee just to get your company listed. Then nothing happens until a buyer shows up and the broker closes the deal and charges a hefty sales commission. What they never tell you is that the vast majority of businesses for sale never get sold. According to some estimates up to 80% remain unsold.

These business brokers in Dallas are more like salesmen – with their own business as their main concern. As a seller of a business, you rarely get any useful advice along the way. You will have to wait patiently and “hope” for success.

When you use Nielsen Valuation Group you do not pay any engagement fee or commission. Instead, you pay a fixed price for unbiased advice. We help you sell your business in Dallas Fort Worth, maximizing the chances of getting it sold – at the right price.

If you want to buy a business

Using Nielsen Valuation Group when you want to buy a company in Dallas Fort Worth can save you both money and time. You will also enjoy our support in avoiding pitfalls along the way.

When using an ordinary business broker, you can rarely expect this service level and unbiased, trustworthy advice. Usually, their service will only include identifying a company and concluding the deal. What they don’t tell you is that your chances of this happening are not always great. There is also a big risk that the price that you will have to pay is inflated.

According to us, the proper way to conclude a deal is to do proper research, then outreach and negotiate with a shortlist of companies. Our M&A advisor will help you throughout this process. With us, you will never pay any engagement fees or commissions, only for our unbiased advisory that will help you maximize your chances of a successful acquisition.

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Our other locations in Texas

We are happy to arrange a personal meeting in nearby communities such as Waco, Tyler, Abilene, Longview, Wichita Falls and more. We are also present in other parts of Texas such as:

Frequently asked questions

How can you help me buy or sell a business in Dallas Fort Worth?

We will provide our unbiased advice to help you succeed in concluding a successful acquisition or sale. We help both buyers and sellers with a proper business valuation in Texas and reach a deal at the correct price, maximizing the chances of a successful transaction.

What types of companies do you broker in Dallas Fort Worth?

We work with companies from any sector as long as there is turnover, which means we do not work with startups. We can help broker companies in the size of 2 – 50 million USD yearly turnover (small to mid-size business brokerage).

Can we meet with you in person in Dallas Fort Worth, Texas?

Yes! Nielsen Valuation Group is proud of our local presence in Texas and we look forward to meeting you in person at a time of your convenience.

Christoffer Nielsen

Christoffer Nielsen

Independent Business Valuation Expert, M&A & Due Diligence
[email protected]
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