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Planning to buy or sell a business? With Nielsen Valuation Group as you M&A advisor, you will enjoy many advantages over using a business broker in Los Angeles & Orange County.

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Why choose our business brokerage in Los Angeles?

  • Advisors, not salesmen – you can trust our advice because we never have a commercial interest in the deal
  • Completely unbiased – we pride ourselves on being 100% independent
  • Fixed fees – you only pay for our advice, never any engagement fee or sales commission
  • Confidential service – you decide what information to share with third parties
  • Personal approach – direct contact with our expert M&A advisor in Los Angeles and Orange County
  • Local – we are present throughout the Los Angeles and Orange County area
  • Licensed – our valuations are certified to the highest standards

Looking for a business broker in Los Angeles or Orange County?

Contact us today for a 30-minute personal meeting to discuss buying or selling a business and how Nielsen Valuation Group can help.

This is how our busines brokerage works

1. Personal meeting

We begin with a personal introductory meeting at a location of your choice in Los Angeles or Orange County – or online via video call. Tell us what your goals and priorities are. We will then suggest next steps and lay out a plan for how we can help you buy or sell a business.

2. Conduct an independent business valuation

Every successful business transaction is preceded by an independent business valuation. If you are selling a business, knowing what it is worth can prevent you from selling it at a discount – or overpricing it and having trouble selling it. If you are buying a business in the Los Angeles area, knowing its true value is essential to paying the right price.

3. Create a proper exit plan (when selling a business)

If you are selling a business, Nielsen Valuation Group will ensure that you do the proper exit planning to avoid costly missteps and pitfalls. For example, reviewing the company’s finances and improving its profitability can have a significant impact on the valuation. Such advice is rare, if not non-existent, when hiring an ordinary Los Angeles business broker.

4. Reach a deal with help from our transaction advisory

We want you to succeed in reaching an agreement with the buyer or seller. We understand that timely decisions and agreements are critical to successful deals. That is why we are by your side all the way to the signing of the agreement and, if you wish, throughout the implementation phase. This maximizes your chances of selling or buying your business at the right price and ensuring that the transaction becomes a reality.

Why we are a better choice than your standard Los Angeles & Orange County business brokers

When you want to buy or sell a business in the Los Angeles and Orange County area, your first thought is probably to contact a business broker. However, there are many reasons why choosing a transaction advisor like Nielsen Valuation Group is often a better choice.

Business broker vs. advisor when selling a business

Want to sell a business in Los Angeles or Orange County? Your regular business broker will probably charge an initial fee to get your business is listed.

Then, in most cases, nothing happens until a prospective buyer shows up. It may or may not happen. Some reports have shown that up to 80 percent of all business brokerage listings remain unsold.

If your business does sell, the business broker will charge a hefty commission, a percentage of the sale price. Unfortunately, these brokers rarely provide useful advice during the process, and you just have to wait.

When you use Nielsen Valuation Group to broker your business instead, the whole process is different. We never charge engagement fees or expensive sales commissions. Your only out-of-pocket expense is the fee for our advisory services. Therefore, you can be assured that you will always receive unbiased and truly honest advice that will help you successfully buy or sell a business in the Los Angeles area.

Advisor vs. business broker when buying a company

If you want to sell a business in Los Angeles or Orange County, your typical business broker will be eager to get you to accept a deal at the highest possible price. In doing so, he or she will earn a substantial sales commission.

In our opinion, this incentive is wrong because it can lead you into a deal that is not favorable. And who can you turn to for advice? Business brokers cannot give unbiased advice because they benefit from the deal.

In contrast, when you use Nielsen Valuation Group as your transaction advisor to find a company to acquire and to close the deal, you can trust our advice. When you pay us, our only interest is to provide you with professional and unbiased advice, including an accurate business valuation. We will be by your side from start to finish, which gives you peace of mind.

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Discover our other locations near Los Angeles

Nielsen Valuation Group is proud to serve businesses throughout California. Feel free to contact us now if you are looking to buy or sell a business in:

  • San Diego
  • Palm Springs
  • Irvine
  • Anaheim
  • Long Beach
  • Santa Barbara
  • Any other location in CA

Frequently asked questions

How will you help me buy or sell a company in Los Angeles or Orange County?

We will provide independent advice that will help you every step of the way, from conducting an independent business valuation, to finding a buyer or a seller and closing the deal.

Do you work with all types and sizes of businesses?

Close to it. We work with all industries. We focus on companies with revenues between $2 million and $50 million. However, we do not work with startup companies.

Can we meet with you in person?

Yes, we can. Please contact us today to schedule an in-person meeting in Los Angeles, Orange County or elsewhere in California. We are also available for a virtual call via video meeting.

Christoffer Nielsen

Christoffer Nielsen

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