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Let us help you buy or sell a business. Nielsen Valuation Group is your unbiased M&A advisor – a smarter alternative to using a business broker in San Antonio.

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Why we excel as a business broker in San Antonio

  • Real advice that you can trust – much unlike your ordinary business broker
  • Unbiased – we charge for our advice only, which makes us 100% independent
  • Fixed fees – always know what you pay and what you get
  • Personal service – meet our M&A adviser Christoffer Nielsen in San Antonio
  • Always full confidentiality – you decide what information should be revealed
  • Local presence – we operate in the whole state of Texas
  • Certified valuations – licensed business valuations

Looking for a business broker in San Antonio?

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Buy or sell a business in San Antonio – our business brokerage process

1. We meet

First, we meet for an introductory meeting in San Antonio, or online through a video call. You tell us about your priorities and objectives. We suggest a plan for your business transaction.

2. Make an unbiased business valuation

Before any sale or acquisition can take place, you need to do an unbiased business valuation. By knowing the real worth, you avoid overpricing when selling, thus improving the chances for a deal. – Or avoid paying too much when you want to buy a company in San Antonio.

3. We help you with your exit planning (when selling a company)

When you are selling your company Nielsen Valuation Group helps you with business exit planning to avoid any pitfalls and hurdles along the way. A proper review of the finances can help improve the profitability and thereby also the valuation. You can never expect such advice from an ordinary business broker.

4. A smooth deal with our transaction advisory

Our expertise lies in facilitating favorable and realistic deals between sellers and buyers. We help overcome financial obstacles, conduct thorough due diligence, and streamline the transaction process for a speedy outcome. We understand that time is a critical factor in successful deals.

Why choose an advisor over a business broker in San Antonio?

While searching for a business broker is the natural choice for many businesses, opting for transaction advisory services is usually the smarter option. Here is how we differ from “ordinary” brokerage:

When selling a company

When it comes to selling a business in San Antonio, trusting reliable advice is crucial. That’s why Nielsen Valuation Group, as a transaction advisor, is a better choice than a business sales broker.

Here’s why: With a qualified advisor, you have a realistic chance of selling your business at a fair price. In contrast, a traditional broker typically charges an upfront engagement fee, even though up to 80% of their listings never sell according to some reports.

If your business beats those odds and sells, you need to pay the commission to the broker as well.

Rarely will you receive valuable advice throughout the process.

With Nielsen Valuation Group, however, you avoid both referral fees and commissions altogether. You pay only for unbiased, valuable advice that paves the way to a successful transaction. Rely on expertise, not empty promises.

When buying a company

If you are looking to purchase a business, partnering with Nielsen Valuation Group as your transaction advisor can save you time and money, as well as help you avoid potential pitfalls.

This differs significantly from the services provided by a business broker. Typically, a broker only assists in locating a company and facilitating the payment process, with no or little useful advice along the way.

As your mergers and acquisitions advisor, we will not only help you find suitable acquisition targets but also provide unbiased advice throughout the process. Importantly, our services are transparently priced with no referral fees or commissions. Choose us for comprehensive support and pay only for the valuable advice we provide.

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Explore our other locations in Texas

We are happy to meet you in San Antonio or neighboring communities such as New Braunfels, Canyon Lake, Hondo, Schertz, Universal City, Converse, Helotes, or Leon Valley. Or any other location in Medina, Comal, or Bexar County and beyond.

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Frequently asked questions

How can you help me buy or sell a business in the San Antonio area?

We provide unbiased advice to ensure a successful acquisition or sale. Our expertise includes conducting a proper business valuation in Texas, exit planning and facilitating throughout the transaction phase.

What types of businesses do you work with in San Antonio?

We serve businesses in a variety of industries, except start-ups. Our focus is on small to mid-sized companies with annual revenues between $2 million and $50 million.

Can we schedule a face-to-face meeting with Nielsen Valuation Group in San Antonio?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on our local presence. We will be happy to meet with you in person to show how you will benefit by using us for transaction advisory instead of hiring a business broker in San Antonio.

Christoffer Nielsen

Christoffer Nielsen

Independent Business Valuation Expert, M&A & Due Diligence
[email protected]
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