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We are your unbiased advisor when you want to buy or sell a business – your smarter alternative to a Texas business broker

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Why choose Nielsen Valuation Group?

1. Trustworthy advice

Unlike with the ordinary business broker, with us, you pay for advisory that will help you towards a successful business transaction – or to avoid a bad one.

2. Unbiased

“Business broker” and “unbiased” do not fit together. Since we charge for our advice and nothing else you can be sure to get 100% unbiased services.

3. Fixed fees

Many business brokers in Texas boast of their zero commission or upfront costs. Since we only have fixed fees, we have no incentives to rush you towards an unhealthy or unrealistic deal.

4. Personalized service

Christoffer Nielsen is your M&A advisor in Texas. We are confident you will appreciate his availability, experience, and personal service.

5. Full confidentiality

When using our business transaction advisory in Texas you enjoy full confidentiality throughout the process.

6. National & local

Nielsen Valuation Group has a local presence in Austin, Texas, while also helping businesses nationwide.

7. Certified & trusted

Christoffer Nielsen is a certified valuator and has extensive professional experience in business valuations and business brokerage services in the US and internationally.

Looking for a business broker in Texas?

We will help you sell your business or buy one in Texas. Contact us now for an initial meeting.

Our business brokerage process

1. Introductory meeting

Contact us for a personal introductory meeting – in person in Texas or through a video call. We listen to your case and help you set your priorities.

2. Unbiased business valuation

The start of each successful sale or acquisition of a business starts with an unbiased business valuation in Texas. To succeed one should neither overestimate nor underestimate the value but be realistic. Our valuations are robustly founded in reviewed financial data, adjusted for the realities of the operations.

3. Exit planning (when selling)

If you are selling your business, we help you do proper exit planning to maximize your chances of getting a fair price tag on your business. Even achieving relatively small increases in profits and reducing owner dependency can have a significant impact when applying a multiple in the valuation.

4. Transaction advisory

We help you as a seller or buyer to agree on a favorable but realistic deal with your counterpart, overcoming financial hurdles and conducting due diligence when needed. Since time kills all deals, we help smoothen the process for a swift transaction.

Should I choose an advisor or business broker in Texas?

When you want to sell your business

We believe that if you want to sell a business in Texas you should only trust real advice. Therefore, a transaction advisor such as Nielsen Valuation Group is likely a better choice than using a business sales broker.

Why? Because a skilled advisor will help you get a realistic chance to sell your company at a proper price. An “ordinary” broker for selling a business will typically first charge an engagement fee. Then, up to 80% of the listings may never sell. If your business, against those odds, gets sold, you will pay an even higher commission fee. Rarely you will benefit from any advice whatsoever along the way.

With Nielsen Valuation Group you never pay any engagement fees or commissions. You only pay for good, unbiased advice, that will help you towards a successful business transaction.

When buying a business

If you are looking to buy a company, using Nielsen Valuation Group as your transaction adviser can save you time and money while we also help you to avoid any pitfalls throughout the process.

This is a stark contrast to the service you can expect from a business broker in Texas – or elsewhere. When hiring one, what you get is normally just the help to find a company and to conclude the payment. Something which may or may not happen.

With us as your M&A adviser you not only get help to find a firm to acquire, we also help you with our unbiased advice. Last but not least – you only pay for our advisory services, never any engagement fees or commissions.

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Our locations in Texas

Nielsen Valuation Group covers the whole state of Texas. Contact us today if you want to sell or buy a business in:

Frequently asked questions

Are you a business broker in Texas?

Actually no. We are a transaction advisor, which in most cases is a superior choice when you want to sell or buy a business. We help you with unbiased advice as well help to find the right buyer or seller – at a fixed price with no success fee or engagement fee.

How do I sell a business in Texas?

Contact us for an initial meeting. We will help you set your priorities and an outline and target. Thereafter, we will support you throughout the sales process.

How can I buy a company?

With Nielsen Valuation Group you will get help throughout the process of buying a company. Let’s have an initial meeting where you describe what you are looking for. We will help you all the way, from the screening of candidates through due diligence, and the transaction phase.

Do you broker companies of all sizes?

We offer our services to businesses with a yearly turnover in the range of 2 – 50 million USD, which means mostly small business brokerage up to mid-size companies.

Which industries do you serve?

We do valuations for businesses of any industry and size as long as there is a turnover in the company (no startups). For business brokerage, or rather advisory, we serve all companies with a 2 – 50 million USD yearly turnover.

Christoffer Nielsen

Christoffer Nielsen

Independent Business Valuation Expert, M&A & Due Diligence
[email protected]
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