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We help you sell or buy a business smoothly with trusted advice throughout the process and no commissions. Nielsen Valuation Group is your dedicated M&A advisor – the smart alternative to using a business broker in New Jersey.

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Why choose us as your New Jersey business broker?

  • Unbiased advisors – unlike with many business brokers, you only pay for our advice. Having no sales commission allows us to remain independent and completely unbiased
  • You are the only client – we only have one client per transaction, which means you can trust our advice
  • Personalized service – our New Jersey M&A advisor will be your dedicated contact throughout the process
  • Simple pricing – we never charge any engagement fees or commissions. You only pay for our advice
  • Complete confidentiality – the decision to disclose information is entirely in your hands
  • Local presence – we cover the entire state of New Jersey
  • Licensed expertise – we are officially certified as business valuators, always adhering to the highest industry standards

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Our business brokerage process explained

Our approach to business brokerage is designed to provide you with exceptional service and ensure a successful transaction. Here is how it works:

1. Initial consultation

Whether in person in New Jersey or through a convenient video call, we begin by understanding your situation, your priorities, and goals. Our experienced advisor will explain our business brokerage process in detail and propose a customized plan with clear next steps for buying or selling a business.

2. Comprehensive business valuation

We emphasize the importance of an unbiased business valuation to a successful purchase or sale. If you are selling your business, an accurate valuation increases your chances of finding the right buyer, while getting a price that you feel satisfied with. Conversely, if you are buying a business, knowing its true value protects you from overpaying for a potentially overvalued opportunity.

3. Exit planning (for sellers)

If you are selling a business, effective exit planning is critical. We guide you through the process, helping you avoid common pitfalls and overcome obstacles as you prepare your business ahead of the transaction. By reviewing your financials and improving profitability, we increase the value of your business and the likelihood of securing a satisfactory price.

4. Transaction advisory

The final step is the transaction process. We, as experienced transaction advisors, understand the criticality of time in any business transaction. We streamline the procedure by eliminating obstacles, facilitating your negotiations, and providing appropriate due diligence. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and efficient transaction, helping you succeed with your acquisition or sale.

Comparison: Using a transaction advisor vs. a business broker in New Jersey

Many individuals looking to buy or sell a business in New Jersey automatically turn to business brokers. However, choosing services of a dedicated transaction advisor, such as Nielsen Valuation Group, offers various benefits that should not be overlooked.

Here is a breakdown of the key differences:

When selling your business

The seemingly straightforward process of selling a business via New Jersey business brokers often proves to be anything but swift. In most cases, you start by paying a listing fee (engagement fee) to make your business visible to potential buyers. From there, you essentially wait for a buyer to come along. When, or if that happens, the broker negotiates the deal, and if you are lucky, the transaction closes successfully. If you sell, however, in most cases you are obligated to pay the broker a substantial commission as a success fee.

What often goes unspoken is the harsh reality that the chances of selling your business through a broker are often slim. Some research shows that up to 80 percent of brokered listings go unsold!

By partnering with Nielsen Valuation Group as your transaction advisor, the process is different, and works to your advantage. There are no engagement fees, and we never have any sales commissions. Instead, you pay for unbiased advice aimed at facilitating a quick and realistic sale at the right price. With us, you get expertise, trusted guidance, and tangible results, not the illusion that it will be easy to sell your business at a premium.

When buying a business

When buying a business through a business broker, you rarely receive comprehensive guidance throughout the process. And even when guidance is offered, how can you be sure of its impartiality?

Most business brokers strive to sell businesses for the highest price possible because it affects their bottom line directly. As a result, it becomes necessary to hire an independent appraiser to determine the true value of the business, incurring additional costs.

In addition, you are often limited to the business broker’s existing listings and miss out on potential opportunities.

On the other hand, choosing a transaction advisor like Nielsen Valuation Group ensures comprehensive support throughout the process. We take the lead and assist you every step of the way. Our services cover several critical aspects, including identifying appropriate acquisition targets, conducting thorough business valuations, performing due diligence, and providing unbiased advice tailored exclusively to your needs as our sole client for the transaction. This approach broadens your horizons, allowing you to discover more suitable companies to acquire, while minimizing the risk of paying too much for the company you do choose.

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Our New Jersey locations

Nielsen Valuation Group covers the entire state of New Jersey. Contact us today if you are buying or selling a business in:

  • Newark
  • Jersey City
  • Paterson
  • Elizabeth
  • Trenton
  • Clifton
  • Camden
  • Passaic
  • East Orange
  • Bayonne
  • Any other community in NJ

Frequently asked questions

Will you assist me from start to finish with buying or selling a business in New Jersey?

Absolutely! At Nielsen Valuation Group, we are committed to providing unbiased advice and assistance, whether you are looking to purchase a business or sell your existing business. We offer assistance in identifying suitable acquisition targets, conducting accurate business valuations in New Jersey or beyond, and facilitating negotiations with buyers or sellers. Our goal is to increase the likelihood of a successful transaction.

What types of companies do you work with in New Jersey?

We work with a wide range of companies, with the exception of start-ups. We help companies with revenues ranging from $2 million to $50 million. Regardless of industry or sector, we are able to provide valuable insight and guidance tailored to your specific needs.

Can we schedule a face-to-face meeting with one of your business brokers?

Of course we can! We pride ourselves on our ability to meet with you in person in New Jersey but also welcome a convenient video call, if you prefer.

Christoffer Nielsen

Christoffer Nielsen

Independent Business Valuation Expert, M&A & Due Diligence
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